Distant Past Future

Session 3

Finding the front gate defended by several droid sentries, the party decides to find an alternate entrance. After spending some time searching while maintaining a secretive posture, a few air vent grates of discovered and explored. Only one provides any viable kind of way in, and Bant and Gelb are sent in to check it out. They find a room filled with tanks containing what appear to be bodies, living or dead unknown, a galley, and a room veiled in darkness. After much deliberation, they head into the dark room and find it to be small and seemingly an organ-harvesting station.

Quickly making from room-to-room in the building, they explore briefly the tank rooms, one of which contains beings that look just like each of them. Bant has difficulty navigating their computer systems, which are in an indecipherable language, but stumbles across a map of the complex. Their eyes are set on the ship silo located dead smack in the center of a courtyard.

Finding no other exits but the front door in this building, they proceed cautiously out, finding cover behind supply crates and the railing of an exterior staircase leading to a second floor of the clone breeding facility.

The desperate clones are shocked to find that their hopes of quickly making off with a ship are squashed: the ship silo is entirely underground and covered with metal blast doors. In a whispering huddle, their plan B is decided. Perhaps they can infiltrate a building with a underground access to the ships they pray are beneath them. Each one in turn tries to evasively crawl towards the door of the Holding Cell facility. Bant is detected by a droid, but manages to feign a purpose for being there, a lost clone trying to find his way around the complex.

What challenges await them inside this next building, whose name would imply a prison? So soon after their own escape from one.



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