Distant Past Future

Two month catch-up.

Since the last post, the PCs have:

  • broken into the Holding Cell building
  • reprogrammed the auto turret to fire on anyone but themselves
  • battled their way into the detention area
  • rescued a prisoner from torturing scientists
  • stolen a ship and its detached hyperdrive while blasting a squad of mechanic droids to bits
  • explored
    • two of the temples surrounding the hole in the center of the desolate region, one water-themed, one fire-themed
    • the hole in the center
    • the highly radioactive site of the former Jedi Temple
    • Gaunt’s area of town, briefly
  • Watched Renall’s condition deteriorate after touching the water temple’s crystal
  • Fought a detachment of Gaunt’s security detail, taken a prisoner, and apprehended their ship



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