Distant Past Future

Two month catch-up.

Since the last post, the PCs have:

  • broken into the Holding Cell building
  • reprogrammed the auto turret to fire on anyone but themselves
  • battled their way into the detention area
  • rescued a prisoner from torturing scientists
  • stolen a ship and its detached hyperdrive while blasting a squad of mechanic droids to bits
  • explored
    • two of the temples surrounding the hole in the center of the desolate region, one water-themed, one fire-themed
    • the hole in the center
    • the highly radioactive site of the former Jedi Temple
    • Gaunt’s area of town, briefly
  • Watched Renall’s condition deteriorate after touching the water temple’s crystal
  • Fought a detachment of Gaunt’s security detail, taken a prisoner, and apprehended their ship
Session 3

Finding the front gate defended by several droid sentries, the party decides to find an alternate entrance. After spending some time searching while maintaining a secretive posture, a few air vent grates of discovered and explored. Only one provides any viable kind of way in, and Bant and Gelb are sent in to check it out. They find a room filled with tanks containing what appear to be bodies, living or dead unknown, a galley, and a room veiled in darkness. After much deliberation, they head into the dark room and find it to be small and seemingly an organ-harvesting station.

Quickly making from room-to-room in the building, they explore briefly the tank rooms, one of which contains beings that look just like each of them. Bant has difficulty navigating their computer systems, which are in an indecipherable language, but stumbles across a map of the complex. Their eyes are set on the ship silo located dead smack in the center of a courtyard.

Finding no other exits but the front door in this building, they proceed cautiously out, finding cover behind supply crates and the railing of an exterior staircase leading to a second floor of the clone breeding facility.

The desperate clones are shocked to find that their hopes of quickly making off with a ship are squashed: the ship silo is entirely underground and covered with metal blast doors. In a whispering huddle, their plan B is decided. Perhaps they can infiltrate a building with a underground access to the ships they pray are beneath them. Each one in turn tries to evasively crawl towards the door of the Holding Cell facility. Bant is detected by a droid, but manages to feign a purpose for being there, a lost clone trying to find his way around the complex.

What challenges await them inside this next building, whose name would imply a prison? So soon after their own escape from one.

Session 2

The party finds themselves stuck with few supplies and little idea of who they are or what they should do. Following a distant wisp of smoke, they find a crashed escape pod containing the man featured in the video log fragment. Among his survival possessions is a partially functioning datapad with a crude map.

The next few hours are spent foraging and hunting food and trying to figure out the map. They venture toward what they think is north to find themselves wandering out of the forest and ever deeper into a desolate waste of smoldering gray stone and a sunken barrenness. Turning back is decided to be necessary, and they head toward the only real location indicated on the map, [MGC].

Closing in on the location with the setting sun, the decision is made to approach the high walls in the morning. They assign themselves watches and call it a night. Hours later, the posted guardian sees two skiffs descenting from the trees above them. Alerting each other, they arise to fight off five seeming patrol droids with only a few serious blows in return.

Fearing their position was compromised, the group relocates, and the rest of the evening in uneventful.

Session 1 - A Strange Awakening

Like waking from a strange, forgotten dream to be thrown into a nightmare, a diverse group of individuals finds themselves coming out of a haze in what appears to be a holding chamber. Wearing just basic clothing and knee-deep in water, they examine the room. It has slippery metal-paneled walls and a heavy prison-style door with a small barred window, unlit save for a small hole in the ceiling. Each person finds a mostly fresh tattoo on their right breast, a letter and two digits. Unable to recall much other than images of marching through the forest together, there is little to do but try to escape, and as they decide to, the room jostles and shakes violently. Peering through the tiny window, one can see a scene of recent chaos. Blast marks, rubble, sparking wires, and dripping pipes. With few words, the rag tag group works together to bust down the door – the frenzied Wookie slipping and accidentally dowsing himself.

Upon exiting, they find themselves in a hallway full of similar cells. What is this place? Farther on, they make quick work of exploring their new environment, discovering “Minar Genetic Corps” on a computer panel, a video log of the apparent ship’s captain describing, amid what may be the flashing lights of combat in the background, a chaotic turn of events involving unspecified crew going mad, a mysterious shockwave, and finding no choice but to abandon ship, medical testing facilities, several floors near the bottom of the ship of post-crash destruction, and a vicious drug-inducing medical droid on the fritz.

Upon exiting to the surface, the group is surprised to be in a forest, yet not the one they remember being in. One which affects their senses in an odd way. The colors are all wrong, vibrant and almost imperceptibly shifty. The plants are weirdly proportioned and hard to focus on, as if they are closer than they appear. Or is it farther? The remnants of the crash are evident, a trail of snapped and uprooted trees, burnt scrap metal, craters, and the odd silence that follows heavy recent events.

Where will they go now? Maybe the documents they found in the captain’s office listing them as being captured on New Coruscant and confirming their abduction for the purpose of being genetic test subjects will help them decide. It would seem obvious the only way they will get anywhere is to work in union to piece together what may prove to be a difficult mystery of origin.

The beginning of a beginning.

I’ve chosen Star Wars as the best campaign setting for a lot of story ideas I’ve been tossing around in my head. It’s a great setting because it’s full of politics and rich character development instead of just dungeon crawls, and the galaxy allows for limitless imagination for writing plot hooks and networking lots of story elements into a giant web of existence for the PCs to discover, challenge, and enjoy.

I hope to blend many different elements of the entire roleplaying experience and to make the campaign stand out on its own instead of sitting neatly within the movies we’ve seen.


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