Distant Past Future

Session 2

The party finds themselves stuck with few supplies and little idea of who they are or what they should do. Following a distant wisp of smoke, they find a crashed escape pod containing the man featured in the video log fragment. Among his survival possessions is a partially functioning datapad with a crude map.

The next few hours are spent foraging and hunting food and trying to figure out the map. They venture toward what they think is north to find themselves wandering out of the forest and ever deeper into a desolate waste of smoldering gray stone and a sunken barrenness. Turning back is decided to be necessary, and they head toward the only real location indicated on the map, [MGC].

Closing in on the location with the setting sun, the decision is made to approach the high walls in the morning. They assign themselves watches and call it a night. Hours later, the posted guardian sees two skiffs descenting from the trees above them. Alerting each other, they arise to fight off five seeming patrol droids with only a few serious blows in return.

Fearing their position was compromised, the group relocates, and the rest of the evening in uneventful.



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